Theater, B.A./Accelerated M.A., Arts Management

Undergraduates in Theater may apply to the accelerated master’s degree in Arts Management. If accepted, students will be able to earn a BA in Theater and an MA in Arts Management after satisfactory completion of 150 credits. The regular designed timeframe would be a start in the Fall and the completion in the Summer five years later, but longer time frames would also be available.

This program of study is offered through joint cooperation between the School of Theater and the Arts Management Program.

For policies governing all graduate degrees, see the Academic Policies section of the catalog.

Admission Requirements

Applicants to accelerated master’s programs must have completed at least 75 credits that apply to their undergraduate degree (with at least 24 credits at Mason) and no more than 90 credits. Applicants should submit an Accelerated Master’s Program Application, available from the College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) Graduate Studies. It includes the proposed conferral date for the undergraduate degree and the two graduate courses that are to be applied to the undergraduate degree.

Interested students should contact the Arts Management Program Office for more details about the application process.

Degree Requirements

As an undergraduate, the accelerated master’s student is to complete the two graduate courses indicated on their Accelerated Master’s Program application with a minimum grade of 3.00 in each course. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.00 in all coursework and in coursework applied to their major. On completion and conferral of the undergraduate degree in the semester indicated in the application, they submit the Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s Transition Form (which shall incorporate all of the Graduate Admission requirements of the University) and are admitted to graduate status.

As graduate students, accelerated master’s students have an advanced standing. They must meet all master’s degree requirements except for the two courses (6 credits) they completed as undergraduates. The Internal Internship (AMGT 740) will be within Theater at Mason (generally with the School of Theater). Students will begin their master’s program in the semester immediately following conferral of the undergraduate degree, and they may also begin in the summer term.

Reserve Graduate Credit

Students may take up to 6 additional graduate credits as reserve graduate credit. These credits do not apply to the undergraduate degree. The ability to take courses for reserve graduate credit is available to all high achieving undergraduates with permission of the School of Theater. Permission to take a graduate course for reserve graduate credit is normally granted only to Mason seniors within 15 hours of graduation and must be approved by the Dean’s Office.

To apply these credits to the master’s degree, students must request that the credits be moved from the undergraduate degree to the graduate degree using the Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s Transition Form.


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