Certification in
Musical Theater

Students pursuing a certificate in Musical Theater must satisfy all requirements for a BA or BFA in the School of Theater with a concentration in performance. Students fulfilling the Musical Theater Certificate: Music Concentration must satisfy all requirements for a BA or BM in the School of Music (Musical Theater Undergraduate Certificate: Music). Some credits required for this certificate may simultaneously fulfill learning requirements of the certificate in Musical Theater and university general education requirements. Some courses require placement. Depending on electives and other learning experiences, this certificate requires up to 30 credits beyond the requirements to complete a major in the School of Theater. A minimum of 15 credits must be unique to the certificate and may not count toward the major, concentration, minor, another certificate or general education requirements. At least 15 credits of the certificate must be earned at Mason. Students receiving the certificate must hold a baccalaureate degree or be earning a baccalaureate degree from Mason at the time they receive the certificate. Students with a previous bachelor’s degree, who are admitted to this certificate alone, have four years to complete the certificate requirements. This program of study is coordinated between units within the College of Visual and Performing Arts. Students will register for the following courses. Only courses with a grade of C or better are counted toward the certificate.

This certificate may be completed under a part or full time basis. See Academic Policies for more information.

Concentration for Theater Students (18 credits):

MUSI 113 - Aural Skills I - Credits: 1
MUSI 114 - Aural Skills II - Credits: 1-2 (must be taken for 1 credit)
MUSI 115 - Theory I - Credits: 3
MUSI 171 - Keyboard Skills I - Credits: 1
MUSI 243 - Applied Music in Voice - Credits: 2 (must be taken for a total of 6 credits)
MUSI 301 - Music in Motion Pictures - Credits: 3
MUSI 381 - University Chorale - Credits: 1 or
MUSI 385 - Chamber Singers - Credit: 1
MUSI 485 - Chamber Ensembles - Credits: 1 (must be taken for a total of 2 credits)

Musical theater Dance Courses (12 Credits):

DANC 125 - Beginning Modern Dance - Credits: 3
DANC 131 - Beginning Jazz Technique - Credits: 3
DANC 145 - Beginning Ballet - Credits: 3
DANC 161 - Beginning Tap Dance - Credits: 3
DANC 225 - Beginning Intermediate Modern Dance - Credits: 3
DANC 231 - Intermediate Jazz Technique - Credits: 3
DANC 245 - Beginning Intermediate Ballet - Credits: 3
DANC 331 - Advanced Jazz Dance - Credits: 3

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