Steam at Mason

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The acronym STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. The STEAM at Mason supports the inclusion of all these disciplines throughout the education systems of the United States. STEAM is the logical next step to STEM initiatives, which tends to overlook or exclude the importance of the Arts, and its contributions toward the areas of creative thinking, problem solving, group work ethic, communication, and design. STEAM is becoming part of the American vernacular, and is sometimes referred to as STEM-to-STEAM.

The STEAM at Mason is a community of like-minded people who support inclusion of the arts in STEM Education initiatives. It is based at George Mason University’s School of Theater in Fairfax, VA, and includes a growing number of people from the Arts & Sciences, offering varied approaches and experiences. Members of this community are willing to share ideas, inform each other and the region about related activities, and together, celebrate the importance of the arts in education.

By sharing resources, news, and strategies, we are all better able to plan meaningful programs, train better teachers, connect people to opportunity, and trumpet the message that the Arts & Sciences must work together in order to help build a stronger 21st century workforce of creative thinkers.

Our goal is that the STEAM at Mason becomes a driving force and information source for the Mid-Atlantic region, and fosters an atmosphere of cooperation with other regions across the US to make STEAM Education a national focus and a national practice.

You can connect with the STEAM at Mason by email at, where you can also request membership in the STEAM at Mason Group.

The STEAM at Mason is supported through the generosity of Boeing and George Mason University.

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