January 24 & 25 TheaterSpace (PAB A105)

Callbacks will be held on January 27

The Mason Players offers Unified Auditions each semester. Casting is open to all degree-seeking Mas students with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. Students audition for all shows to be produced in the semester in one session. Sign-ups for auditions will be located on the door of the Theater Office (PAB A407) as of January 19. You must also sign up electronically for the same appointments.


Copies of the scripts are available in the Theater office. Please do not remove these copies from the office! Unable to sign-up? Walk-ins are always welcome and will be seen as soon as possible!


The Shows:

The auditions will be for productions of The Imaginary Invalid and The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail. A special workshop, The 100th Meridian Project will also cast from these auditions.


Full descriptions of each show, including all performance dates, times and locations, may be found online or in the current Season Brochure. Note: Both shows perform in the Spring semester.

The Night Thoreau Spent In Jail

Cast Breakdowns:
Henry David Thoreau: Harvard graduate and somewhat radical follower of Transcendentalism, who refuses to pay a tax due to his opposition to the Mexican-American War. His unorthodox beliefs are not very well accepted by the city of Concord.
Ralph Waldo Emerson: American philosopher, promoter of Transcendentalism and mentor to Thoreau.
Lydian Emerson: Lydian is the wife of Waldo. There is attraction between her and Henry, but it is tempered by their mutual respect for Emerson.
Deacon Ball: A stern theologian and teacher, an angry man who believes strongly in corporal punishment as a toll of education.
John Thoreau: Henry's older brother, who shares many of the beliefs of Henry, and the love of the same girl. His early death has a psychological impact on Henry.
Ellen Sewell: Ellen is the brief object of affection of both John and Henry, but is unable to marry John because of her father's disapproval of Transcendentalism.
Bailey: Thoreau's cellmate in the Concord jail. Thoreau teaches Bailey how to write his name and inspires Bailey to live a full life after he is released from prison.
Edward Emerson:  Emerson's young son, who becomes friends with Thoreau when the Emerson’s hire him as a handyman.
Mother Thoreau: Thoreau's mother, who has to deal with the day-to-day problems of her son’s individualism and iconoclastic mind.
Sam Staples: The local friendly sheriff of Concord, who must bring Thoreau to prison and offers to pay Henry’s taxes for him.
Williams: A runaway slave en route to Canada and freedom. He is killed in his effort to make it to the border. His death has a profound effect on Thoreau, revealing motivations behind Thoreau's civil disobedience.


The Imaginary Invalid

Cast of Characters:
Argan: An Imaginary invalid. He is a likeable middle aged man, obsessed with his health after the loss of his beloved wife. His world, a bit of a sanitary prison, is of his own making. He is known to slip into pharmaceutical rants or hallucinations.
Beline: Second wife to ARGAN. She is younger than ARGAN. A sexy woman who is after one thing only, fortune! She is always plotting against his daughters and tries to keep ARGAN happy at all times by accommodating his many needs.
Angelique: ARGAN’S older daughter. She is beautiful and has a lover’s heart. She is obedient and kind to her father, but wants desperately to marry the man of her choosing.
Louison: Younger daughter to ARGAN. She is a very involved child. She is aware of the inner workings of the house but keeps herself clean of the politics by staying busy in extracurricular activities.
Beralde: ARGAN’S slightly younger brother. They are close in age, but BERALDE is not a hypochondriac like his brother and thus feels much younger. He enjoys life, a comfortable living, and is the outside voice of reason. He can talk to his brother as no one else can.
Cleante: Lover to ANGELIQUE, he is a good man, just entirely unsuitable to ARGAN who has a very different vision of the kind of man he wants for his daughter. CLEANTE gets involved in an elaborate plan to try to win ANGELIQUE.
Madame Diafoirus: A doctor and mother to THOMAS DIAFOIRUS. She is trying very hard to wed her son to ANGELIQUE (or anyone who’ll have him). She is a smart woman,  but deluded about her son.
Thomas Diafoirus:  A budding doctor whom ARGAN has promised to ANGELIQUE in no small part because of ARGAN’S obsession with health. THOMAS is thick skulled/dimwitted.
Mr. Purgon:  ARGAN’S current physician. A quack who panders for a check.
Mr. Fleurant: An apothecary who has no problem pumping ARGAN with drugs so he can charge exorbitant sums of money for “treatment”.
Mr. de Bonnefoi: A notary/ financial planner with no apparent ethical standard. He is an ally to BELINE.
Toinette: ARGAN’S faithful maid turned part time nurse. She sees the house clearly, the way it has collapsed and tries to help ARGAN see the truth of his obsession and helps ANGELIQUE as a confident and friend. She is younger than ARGAN but older than ANGELIQUE, and handles her interactions with a razor sharp wit.
* CASTING NOTE: This is not double cast and all roles except ARGAN will be a part of small ENSEMBLE sequences as well. This is a smart comedy in which stupid things happen, timing will be essential. This piece moves fast, so must the players!


This special project will cast an ensemble of actors and musicians working together to bring awareness to the environmental challenges facing the American West from the 1870’s to present day. Presented as a script-in-hand staged reading against projected backdrop. NOTE: We are seeking musicians who can play acoustic instruments – guitar, banjo, fiddle, concertina, etc. Please indicate instruments you play on your online audition form.


Rehearsal Schedules:

The Imaginary Invalid rehearses Jan 29 through Feb 28, in the evenings and on weekends. There will be a day off each week, still to be determined. The play performs March 1 – 4, 2018 in TheaterSpace.

The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail rehearses Feb 12 through March 28, in the evenings and on weekends. There will be a day off each week, still to be determined. The play will not rehearse during Spring Break. The play performs March 29 – 31 and April 5 - 8, 2018 in the Harris Theater. There will be a brush-up rehearsal on April 4.


The 100th Meridian Project rehearses Feb 12 - 24 in the evenings and on weekends. There will be a day off each week, still to be determined. The play performs February 25 in the Gregory Family Theatre at the Hylton Performing Arts Center


What to Prepare:

One prepared monologue is preferred. You may instead choose to read sides from either play, available at the audition.



If cast, you must be available for ALL rehearsals.

Conflicts with other Mason Players Productions:
Please note that these three events conflict with each other. It is not possible to be cast in more than one of these shows. You must list all rehearsal and performance conflicts at the audition.

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