Faculty and Staff

  • Debra Sivigny

    Assistant Professor, CVPA
    Assistant Professor, Theater

  • Sara Dawn Taylor-Torres, 2012, Theater, BA

    2012, Theater, BA

    Dawn Taylor-Torres is currently pursuing a career in Atlanta GA, one of the two biggest markets in the US for film and television production today. She arrived in Atlanta in 2014 and within one year she went from being an extra, to stand in, to photo-double, to off-camera reader for the Vampire Diaries stars, to getting signed with one of the top agencies in Atlanta. She credits her success to her hard work and willingness to put herself “out there,” as well as to all the support she received from her professors back home at Mason!
  • Kelly Thomas 2003, Theater, BA

    2003, Theater, BA

    Born and raised in Washington DC, Kelly Thomas is a multi-disciplinary theatre artist, technician, and educator. She earned an MFA in Contemporary performance from Naropa University in Boulder Colorado and her BA in Theatre from George Mason University in Fairfax Virginia.
  • Ruth Yamamoto

    Production Manager/Adjunct Faculty, CVPA
    Production Manager/Adjunct Faculty, Theater

    Ruth Yamamoto (BA, University of Hawaii; MEd, Marymount University; PhD, Walden University studying improvisation in higher education).