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Our team is excited to welcome new Global Partners for the 2020-2021 season!

NEW DEADLINE: Student playwrights’ submissions now being accepted through December 11, 2020!

Sponsored by George Mason University’s School of Theater, 1,001 Plays invites university students from around the world to submit their original, 10-minute plays on this year’s theme: Change.

Our staff will select scripts to assign to our Global Partners, who agree to present 10-minute staged readings and a talkback during the 2020-21 academic years. Staged readings and talkbacks will be available via video-chat to bring playwrights, theater artists, and audiences into cross-cultural conversation. This year, we are also accepting Interactive Scene Study and Monologue submissions which will be posted to our Digital Library. See the Global Partner letter below for more details.

Global Partners

We invite college, university, and other theater training programs to join our network of Global Partners at no cost to their students or institution. Global Partners agree to:

  • designate one faculty mentor to serve as our contact and advise at least one student playwright in the development and submission of their play, scene or monologue;
  • assist students in rehearsing and hosting staged readings of original 10-minute plays or recording scenes and monolgoues as assigned;
  • provide the technological support to enable video-chatting for the 10-minute play presentations and allow the playwrights, artists, and audience to connect in real-time for post-show discussion.

Learn how you can participate: read our letter to Global Partners.

If you would like to become a Global Partner, email a completed Global Partner form to plays@gmu.edu by October 12th 2020.

Student Playwrights

Playwrights must be 18 or older and enrolled in a Global Partner program.

Submissions must be:

  • 10 minutes or less (plays)
  • 5 minutes or less (scenes)
  • 2 minutes or less (monologues)
  • in English
  • in PDF format
  • Inspired by this year’s theme: Change.

If you plan to submit a play, email a completed Student Playwright Form to plays@gmu.edu by October 12, 2020.

Your final submission, accompanied by a signed Playwright Agreement, is due to plays@gmu.edu by October 30, 2020.

Supporting 1,001 Plays

Donors help make 1,001 Plays possible by supporting the costs of the program such as translators. You can support this cross-cultural initiative by making a gift online and writing “in support of 1,001 Plays” in the additional comments box.

1,001 Plays Global Partners

1,001 Plays Global Partners