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Spring 2019 Show Auditions

The Mason Players offer Unified Show Auditions each semester. 

Casting is open to all full-time degree-seeking Mason students, regardless of major, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. Students audition for all shows to be produced in the semester in one session. Auditions for productions will be held during the first week of classes each semester. Contact the Theater office for more information. 

For a full description of each show, including all performance dates, times and locations, please visit the Performance Calendar online or look at the current Season Brochure.

Announcing Unified Auditions for Spring 2019

When: Wednesday & Thursday, January 23 & 24, 6:00-10:00pm in TheaterSpace (PAB A105)

Callbacks will be held on Saturday, January 26.

Sign up for an audition slot on the Theater Office door, PAB A407. You must also sign up electronically for the same appointments. Copies of the scripts are available in the Theater office. Please do not remove these copies from the office! Unable to sign-up? Walk-ins are always welcome and will be seen as soon as possible!

What to Prepare

A prepared monologue of your choosing, not to exceed two minutes in length. Sides from the scripts being auditioned are available for those without monologues, but Theater Majors are expected to present a monologue.

The Shows

Really, Really by Paul Downs Colaizzo

Performance dates and times

Directed by Miranda Newman

Rehearsals: Jan 28 – Feb 27

Performances: Feb 28 – March 3

Cast Breakdown 

Leigh- female, early 20’s, any ethnicity
Grace- female, early 20’s, any ethnicity 
Haley- female, early 20’s, any ethnicity 
Davis-male, early 20’s, any ethnicity  
Jimmy- male, early 20’s, any ethnicity 
Cooper- male, early 20’s, any ethnicity 
Johnson- male, early 20’s, any ethnicity 

Looking for special skills in stage combat.

This play contains adult language and situations, brief, partial nudity, and depictions of sexual violence.

Our Country's Good by Timberlake Wertenbaker

Performance dates and times

Directed by Kristin Johnsen-Neshati

Rehearsals: Feb 11 – March 27 (no rehearsal during Spring Break)

Performances: March 28 – 30, April 4 – 7

Cast Breakdown

Captain Arthur Phillip, RN
Major Robbie Ross, RM
Captain David Collins, RM
Captain Watkin Tench, RM
Captain Jemmy Campbell, RM
Reverend Johnson
Lieutenant George Johnston, RM
Lieutenant Will Dawes, RM
2nd Lieutenant Ralph Clark, RM
2nd Lieutenant William Faddy, RM
Midshipman Harry Brewer, RN
Aboriginal Australian(s)
John Arscott
Dabby Bryant
Ketch Freeman
Liz Morden
Duckling Smith
John Wisehammer
Mary Brenham
Meg Long
Robert Sideway

Time: 1788/89; Place: Sydney, Australia

The play is based on the novel The Playmaker by Thomas Keneally, which centers on the arrival of the first British convict fleet in Botany Bay in 1788. The characters are based on historical record, as are the events surrounding the convicts' first theatrical production. This production will be set in Australia but should prompt viewers to make contemporary parallels to other displaced populations.

Most roles will be doubled, with many actors playing officers as well as convicts. No British accents will be used. Musical ability is helpful, especially experience with the didgeridoo.

This play contains language that some may find offensive

Lysistrata by Aristophanes

Performance dates and times

Directed by Theresa Ohanian

Rehearses: March 18 – April 23

Performs: April 24 – 28

(Note: The cast serves as crew for The Wolves)

Cast Breakdown

Lysistrata - (a galvanizing leader) presenting female, any description any ethnicity
Calonice - (a best friend, invigorator) presenting female, any description any ethnicity
Myrrhine - (a coy wife) presenting female, any description any ethnicity 
Lampito - (an outsider and leader) presenting female, any description any ethnicity
Cinesias - (an indignant soldier) presenting male, any description any ethnicity
Male Chorus Leader - (full of bravado) presenting male, any description any ethnicity
Female Chorus Leader - (full of fire) presenting female, any description any ethnicity
Chorus of Men (playing multiple characters) - presenting female, any description any ethnicity
Chorus of Women  (playing multiple characters) - presenting female, any description any ethnicity
The DJ - (the onstage musical director) any gender any ethnicity

Looking for special skills: Facility with classical language/monologue, dance, singing, music experience, special skills of all kinds a plus. If called back, please be prepared to demonstrate your special skill – brief classical monologue, juggling, stand up, singing, impressions, unicycling, the tuba - I don't care. Just show us something cool!

Director's Vision

This is a very modern, simplistic version of Lysistrata full of movement, humor and music. Expect minimal costuming and set and a lot of fun. Join us on the battleground of the nightclub as we take on the war of the sexes.

The Wolves by Sarah deLappe

Performance dates and times

Directed by Jared Pugh

Rehearses: March 18 – April 23

Performs: April 24 – 28

(Note: The cast serves as crew for Lysistrata)

Cast Breakdown

#11 – Midfield. Brainy, morbid, budding elitist, thoughtful. 
#25 – Defense, Captain. Classic, coach’s daughter. 
#13 – Midfield. Stoner, has older pot dealer brother, into her wackiness. 
#46 – Bench. New girl, awkward, different, just wants to fit in. 
#2 – Defense. Innocent, unlucky, kind, skinny. 
#7 – Striker. Too cool for school, sarcastic,  thick eyeliner.
#14 – Midfield. #7’s insecure sidekick, just switched to contacts. 
#8 – Defense. Childlike and determined to stay that way. 
#00 – Goalie. Intense performance anxiety, perfectionist, high achiever. 
Soccer Mom – Peppy, supporting, clearly overcompensating for something
Looking for 9-10 female actresses with movement/soccer experience and high energy, able to play both comedic and dramatic.

This play contains adult language.

Mason theater students on stage

Scene from The Imaginary Invalid, Mason Players, 2018

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