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Spring 2021 Unified Auditions 

The Mason Players offer Unified Show Auditions each semester.  

Casting is open to all full-time degree-seeking Mason students, regardless of major, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. Auditions for productions will be available until January 27, 2021. This fall, we had the opportunity to explore new theatrical experiences. This spring, all of productions will be broadcast online through Mason Arts At Home. As in previous years, on-time attendance for rehearsals and performances is required. However, all rehearsals will be conducted virtually Eastern Time. Your availability for rehearsal and performance is determined by conflicts you list on this form. Any additional conflicts are subject to prior approval by the Director and the Production Manager. In addition to rehearsing online, you will need to be able to connect to the internet and you may be asked to record your part of the productions from your location. A technical survey of your equipment will follow. If you do not have the equipment, efforts will be made to get the necessary equipment into your hands.

Once you have indicated your interest by submitting this form, you will be directed a Blackboard Organization where you can place a link to a video audition submission of your monologue. These monologues should be 90 seconds in length and be contemporary pieces. Screen captures or photos of you taken during the audition, rehearsal, or performance process may be used by the School of Theater and George Mason University for promotional purposes.

To be considered for any of these shows, please submit this form by 1/26/2021 11:59pm and place your monologue submission by 1/27/21 11:59pm.

Audition Form Link

Contact the Theater Office with any questions. 

Spring 2021 online, Mason Arts at Home

Come My Beloved Broadcast date March 12, 2021

A play about race, intimacy and Detroit, Michigan. The play chronicles one Friday night in the lives of three Black and Jewish couples, all based on one real family.


Character Breakdown

Solomon- male, Black, late-twenties

Sophie- female, White/Jewish, late-twenties

Noah- male, White/Jewish, late-twenties

Susan, female, Black and passing as white in the 1970's Detroit

Maya, female, White/Jewish, late-twenties

Julia- female or genderqueer, Black, late-twenties

Chimichangas and Zoloft Broadcast date March 19, 2021

Suffering from a profound sense of disappointment after her 40th birthday, Sonia flees her family and goes on a binge of prescription Zoloft and greasy chimichangas.  Sonia’s rebellious daughter Jackie and her best friend Penelope hatch a plan to lure Sonia back home, while their fathers struggle with a secret association of their own. This irreverent story examines the search for happiness and the mysteries of sexuality through the eyes of two brazen teenagers.


Character Breakdown

Sonia Martinez: Adult (40 yrs), Latina, depressed, having a midlife crisis, Jackie’s mother

Penelope Lopez: Teenage girl (16 yrs), Latina, older than Jackie by a year so

Jackie Martinez: Teenage girl (15 yrs), Latina, tomboy

Alejandro Lopez: Adult (38 yrs) Latino, Good looking, metrosexual, type A, Penelope’s father

Ricardo Martinez: Middle Age (45 yrs), Latino, burnt out, Jackie’s father


Actors should show proficiency in Spanish in their monologue submissions. Actors should be aware this play portrays sexual content and drug usage.

Are You There? Broadcast date April, 9, 10, 11, 2021

What does it mean to be connected? How has technology, from the telephone to social media, changed our relationships? The high-tech revolution changed our lives for the better, right?  New pathways, or new interruptions? Are You There? is a series of short plays exploring connection, intimacy, and what it means to be together. 


A diverse cast of 18 actors to include at least:

1 black, female identifying actor

2 black male identifying actors

1 white male identifying actor

1 white female identifying actor

2 male identifying actors of any ethnicity

4 or more female identifying actors of any ethnicity

7 actors of any gender and ethnicity


Actors will be double cast in various roles across the vignettes.


1001 Plays broadcast date April 27, 2021


This international 10-minute play exchange is a recurring component of the Mason Players’ season. Mason students perform staged readings of plays written by student playwrights from around the world, and have their own work read by those international students. 1001 Plays engages its international playwrights in real time through live video-chat technology. 


Character Breakdown

At this time, plays are to be determined. If you are interested in being considered, please list this production on your audition form. Your monologue submission will be reviewed for 1001 Plays at a later date.

Mason's School of Theater and School of Music
Jessica Barraclough, Rebecca Kinard and Rachel Sharp, class of 2021.