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Spring 2021 Musical Auditions 

The Mason Players offer Unified Show Auditions each semester.  

Casting is open to all full-time degree-seeking Mason students, regardless of major, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. Auditions for productions will be available during the week of October 18, 2020.
This fall, we have the opportunity to explore new theatrical experiences. All of the fall productions will be broadcast online through Mason Arts At Home. As in previous years, on-time attendance for rehearsals and performances is required. However, all rehearsals will be conducted virtually Eastern Time. Your availability for rehearsal and performance is determined by conflicts you list on this form. Any additional conflicts are subject to prior approval by the Director and the Production Manager. In addition to rehearsing online, you will need to be able to connect to the internet and you may be asked to record your part of the productions from your location. A technical survey of your equipment will follow. If you do not have the equipment, efforts will be made to get the necessary equipment into your hands.

Once you have indicated your interest by submitting this form, you will be directed a Blackboard Organization where you can place a video audition submission of you singing. These may be a cappella but should consist of 32 bars of classic Broadway piece for Mason Cabaret and/or 32 bars of a pop rock piece for Runaways.
Screen captures or photos of you taken during the audition, rehearsal, or performance process may be used by the School of Theater and George Mason University for promotional purposes.

Runaways is part of the Musical Theater Ensemble class. If cast, you must register for the class THR 428 (3 credits).
At this time, no determination has been made as to whether these will be live F2F performances or digital ones. However, rehearsals for Mason Cabaret may begin as early as November and will be conducted online.
These are the two productions for this audition (the dates and locations are currently under consideration):
Sing Happy! The Music of Kander & Ebb Performed by The Mason Cabaret, around Feb 1, 2021. Directed by Erin Gardiner and James Gardiner, Musical Direction by Joe Walsh.
Runaways Written and Composed by Elizabeth Swados Directed by Erin Gardiner and James Gardiner, Musical Direction by Joe Walsh. Musical Theater Ensemble, around April 30, 2021.
To be considered for any of these shows, please submit this form by 10/22/2020 11:59pm and place your video submission by 10/23/2020 6pm.

Audition Form Link

Contact the Theater Office with any questions. 


Fall online, Mason Arts at Home

Hookman by Lauren Yee 

A staged reading directed by Julia Rudgers. Oct 9. 

An existential slasher comedy! Freshman year at college is hard, especially when there is a hook-handed serial killer on the loose. But if Lexi can discover what really happened to her high school best friend, she can finally learn what it means to grow up – and it’s not pretty.

Gaining Ground: A Celebration of Diverse Voices in Musical Theater

A musical revue conceived and directed by James Gardiner, Erin Gardiner, and musical director Joe Walsh. Premieres Oct 23.   

In the spirit of Jubilee, we have gathered songs by BIPOC and/or women composers and lyricists whose work is often overlooked. Moving forward as a community, we are proud to present a concert of hope that embraces George Mason University’s commitment to inclusion.   

The Mason Players Originals!  

A series of plays and presentations, each ten minutes in length, that showcase our student writers and creative artists. Premieres Nov 21.  


“How Jane Got Married” by Caroline Austin  

Jane is a young therapist challenged with the most daunting task of her career: group therapy with three of Shakespeare’s tragic heroes. As she tries to show Hamlet, Romeo, and Antony the error of their ways, she is met with sarcasm, teenage resistance, and... romance?  

“Inside Are We Monsters?” by J. D. Clark  

A new company hire and his compatriots work to change the rigged system amidst worldwide upheaval.   

“How to Get Caught with Murder” by Kendal Ferguson  

Tormented by a guilty conscience over his wife's death, Nelson is compelled to confess his crimes. Conveniently, a police officer knocks on his door. Inconveniently, the officer knows a little too much about "irony."  

“Reincarnate” by Jacob Horowitz  

Tom, a writer, goes to a support group for reincarnated playwrights.  

“Algún Día (Someday)” by Sophia Inserra  

The story of two women from seemingly parallel worlds hustling to make it to their "someday"-- a point in life when dreams become a reality.  

“Look For the Good” by Ariel Kraje  

Everyone expresses pain in a different way. Instead of dealing with it alone, we can use technology to stay connected. An exploration of the Stages of Grief through movement in the time of pandemic.  

“Tomorrow Is my Day” by Bella Panciocco  

We worry about tomorrow. The world is always focused on the next day. What’s to come? What will the future bring? What’s going to happen to these characters…tomorrow?    

“Punchline” by Jeremy Pritchard  

People go to a drag show to laugh, but when the audience doesn't laugh at Toni A. Ward's jokes, she finds herself facing the reality that maybe her jokes are trying to cover up something deeper.


Alabaster by Audrey Cefaly

A staged reading directed by Rachel Sharp. Dec 4. 

A noted photographer sets out to explore the topography of “scars.” Her journey lands her in the mysterious realm of an undiscovered folk artist on a small farm in North Alabama. This intimate portrait explores the meaning and purpose of art and the struggle of the lost and tortured souls that seek to create it.  

Mason theater students on stage

Scene from The Imaginary Invalid, Mason Players, 2018

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