Mission Statement

The School of Theater at George Mason University provides students with a dynamic and collaborative program in an inclusive learning environment which promotes creativity, initiative, and greater awareness of diverse identities and cultural experiences.

Theater is a universal expression of the human spirit.

Whether study in the School of Theater at George Mason University leads to a career in professional theater or enriches a future elsewhere, we engage the whole artist-citizen by combining practical training and liberal arts education. Our students learn through classroom instruction, individualized mentorship and hands-on experience while contributing to the success of thought-provoking plays and musicals in multiple venues. They learn to solve problems creatively, think critically, write clearly, and express themselves comfortably through speech and movement while forging partnerships with peers, faculty, staff, and local and national artistic communities.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The School of Theater at George Mason University is working to meet the vision of The Presidential Initiative on Anti-Racism and Inclusive Excellence (ARIE) which states that George Mason University will become a national exemplar of anti-racism and inclusive excellence.

We commit to this work by de-centering white, ableist, neuro-normative, and heteronormative narratives in our classrooms and on our stages, broadening the range of opportunities for students to engage with professionals from diverse backgrounds and identities, and holding open community conversations about race, power and privilege. Through these efforts we hope to develop and implement effective systems and practices that eradicate racism and bigotry in the School of Theater. It is our challenge to re-envision the American theater and theater education through the lens of anti-racism to ensure inclusivity and accessibility for historically marginalized artists and students. We believe diverse identities and experiences expand our thinking, knowledge and empathy. Our goal is supporting the growth of all students in our School, and equipping them to imagine and build equitable futures for the American theater and beyond.

Our commitment to diversity includes the continued review and revision of our goals and practices as our community shifts and evolves.