Who We Are

The Theater Program at George Mason University stresses the ideal that serious practical training and experience, combined with the breadth and vigor of liberal arts study, offers its graduates the best preparation for a life in the theater. 

The School of Theater prepares its vocational graduates for entry into the professional world and/or graduate study with rigorous, concentrated, and individualized training. Theater students develop the ability to solve problems creatively, think critically, write clearly, and express themselves comfortably through speech and movement. In addition, students establish a personal work ethic and take responsibility for personal and group efforts.

Mason's School of Theater offers every style of theater imaginable, including period pieces, contemporary plays and musicals, all produced in state-of-the-art venues. Students participate in those productions from day one, working with faculty members who are active professionals in their fields.

Mason School of Theater Diversity Statement 

As the faculty and administrative staff of the School of Theater at George Mason University, we recognize that we are privileged to work on a campus with such a richly diverse student population. We believe student diversity expands the community’s thinking, knowledge, and empathy. We also consider a diverse student population essential for creating a shared future, where respect for each other’s differences strengthens the foundation of a healthy society. It is our challenge to re-envision American theater education to ensure its inclusivity and accessibility to our diverse student population. We commit to this work by broadening the choices of material in our classes and in production, widening the range of opportunities on stage, holding open conversations with the student body, and doing our best to honor a multitude of ideas and opinions. Our goal is to support the growth of all students through our program and beyond, equipping them to imagine and build alternative equitable futures for the American Theater.

George Mason University's Diversity Statement

Mission Statement

George Mason University’s School of Theater provides a rigorous, professional and inclusive environment that promotes creative exploration, individual initiative, community building, and multidisciplinary projects. Students collaborate with others, hone their work ethic, and take responsibility for their own artistry as they forge creative partnerships with peers and faculty.

At Mason, we offer student artists individualized mentoring, a dynamic curriculum, and practical opportunities in performance, directing, musical theater, play development, design and technical theater, and theater education. We help students find their passion, express it, and refine it through their craft. We believe that the best preparation for tomorrow’s artists combines the breadth of a liberal arts education, the depth of discipline-specific training, and the incomparable test of hands-on experience. When they act, direct, write and design, our students test their skills in creative and analytical thinking. They learn to give and receive feedback, to engage as a team, and to adapt to an ever-changing workplace. In the classroom and in rehearsal, we engage the whole artist-citizen, fully supporting that journey, whether it leads to a career in professional theater or enriches a future elsewhere.

Theater is a universal expression of the human spirit. Our School of Theater embraces and ensures this expression through the study of historical, contemporary, and cultural traditions, training in the craft, and the presentation of plays.

Ashley Promisel as Titania, Samuel F Dunn III as Bottom.
A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2016

Ashley Promisel as Titania and Samuel F Dunn III as Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Dream.