Mason Improv Association

The Fantasticks, 2017
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Act and React

At Mason, acting goes beyond the script. Learn to be brilliant in the moment with our  Improv team.

MIA students getting ready for a show
Mason Improv Association students getting ready for a show

MIA is a student organization dedicated to the art of improvisational comedy.  MIA is primarily focused on long-form improv, but shows also feature sketches, stand-up comedians, and other comedy forms. In addition to the performance team, students may participate in the practice team, which is open to anyone who wants to try improv regardless of experience.

Want to get involved? Contact us if you have any questions about the team, practice jams, or performances.


Performances are typically two sets with an intermission act. Doors open 15 minutes before the show starts. Please check our Instagram page for the most up-to-date schedule of performances.

Team Members

Dyllan Hutchison - President 

Trevor Handlin - Vice President 

Martin DeJarden - Jam Coordinator 

Juni Mortimer - Social Media Manager 

Chris Vitello 

Kai Yoffe

Isabel Nemati 

Micheal Jarvis 

Olivia Azzouz