Creating Anti-Racist Theater

Guest Artist Series: Creating Anti-Racist Theater is the professional guest artist series of the School of Theater, offering students, faculty, staff, and members of the theatrical community the opportunity to discuss and explore ideas and practices around building inclusive spaces and practices in the global theater industry.

Knowing that it is critical for students to engage with their industry while studying at George Mason University, Djola Branner, Director of the School of Theater, decided to create opportunities for exactly that with this program.

I have enjoyed creating space for historically marginalized individuals and communities on American stages during most of my career, and that mission continues to drive my work at George Mason University. I believe speaking across and celebrating differences enrich our lives, and that the arts expand human understanding and empathy. Facilitating conversations like the ones contained within this virtual guest artist series, ‘Creating Anti-Racist Theater’, bolster communication and deepen compassion so that when we set foot in classrooms, rehearsal spaces, and theaters we are better equipped to listen with open hearts. — Djola Branner
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This series will return in Fall 2024
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Watch Past Speakers

Tlaloc Rivas

Omi Osun Joni L. Jones

Julia Cho and Chay Yew

Mary Kathryn Nagle

Nikkole Salter

​Luis Alfaro

Clint Ramos

Daniel Alexander Jones

P. Carl

Sharon Bridgforth

Lisa Kron

E. Patrick Johnson